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Welcome to Fancypak.
Welcome to Fancypak.


Fancy Pak is a one stop shop for all your packaging needs. With manufacturing facilities in North America and China,  we can produce the finest packaging at the absolute best prices.  

Whether our customers are small business, handicraft business owners or high volume brands, we can provide packaging solutions for jewelry, watches, writing instruments, glasses, confectionery, garments, fashion, and gift accessories. 

Our company is founded on a tradition of excellence spanning over 50 years. From modest immigrant roots in Montreal, Canada, the company has grown to establish itself internationally, with locations in Montreal, New York, Hong Kong and China. Our success is attributed to our value added strategies, superior manufacturing facilities and our ability to proficiently produce large volumes.

We pride ourselves in the ability to provide extensive value and care to all  our customers, from the largest to smallest. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain the highest standard of products. We focus on pleasing our customers through:

Innovative product design.
Impeccable attention to quality detail.
Providing the highest standards of service.