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Welcome to Fancypak.
Welcome to Fancypak.

Automatic Watch Winder Box in Wood Display case for 3 watches

Prix d'origine $899.99
Prix actuel $580.99
Luxurious watch winder series made of the finest material, and crafted with high level of detail. For the discerning,  detail-oriented person,  the perfect workmanship on our product's burl wood finish and interior lining is beautiful. Each individual watch winder's rotation direction and RPH (Rotations Per Hour) can be customized according to your watch's need. Or if you do not wish to set up each winder one-by-one, you can easily set the watch winder to Auto Mode that is configured to wind most automatic watch models. Your timepiece will be well placed in this box.

Additional Watch & Accessories Storage;

Opening the lid on top of the winder will reveal additional watch storage with watch pillows for non-automatic watches. This beautiful Box provides space to put accessories such as rings, bracelets, cufflinks, car keys, etc.

It comes with a key and lock.  Also included is  an adapter for plugging into a power outlet. 

This is a beautiful box with some heft. The build quality and finish is of the highest quality.

Dimensions : W14.5 inches X L 10.75 inches X H 7.25 inches